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The iOS operating system is based on Apple technologies, which include their own system of Cocoa Touch frameworks, Objective-C and Swift programming language and others.
Android from Google uses Dalvik Virtual Machine with the register-based instruction set and its own bytecode.


We focus on mobile application development for smartphones and tablets. In this field, we are an experienced vendor with tens of mobile applications created, using this knowledge during development of each mobile application. We build mobile applications for all platforms, namely Android and iOS.

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Process of Mobile Application Development

When creating a mobile application, we follow our confirmed workflow. All steps of the mobile application development are equally important to us, and we don’t underestimate them. We develop mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms with an emphasis on quality, using the latest procedures.

Building of mobile application consists of the following successive steps:

  • Vision – understanding requirements and goals of the client
  • Design – creation of application graphic UI and illustrations
  • Development – coding, creation of the application
  • Testing – detailed test
  • Distribution – application publishing
  • Support – fixing errors, modifications, extensions

Important Mobile Application References

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